Choosing a Career: Why High School Students Find it Challenging

Choosing a Career Dilemma for High School StudentsChoosing a career path is often a challenging dilemma for many high school students today. While there might be some legitimate reasons for that quandary to arise, there are also some things that can help these young people feel comfortable with making a career choice.

How the Career Dilemma Arises

Most high school students are asked on a fairly regular basis what they’re going to be doing after graduation, so many feel pressured to come up with a plan. But generally speaking, high schools don’t provide a lot in the way of career exploration or guidance. Career counseling is typically more about taking college admissions tests, filling out applications, writing essays and seeking financial resources. Therefore, the students don’t feel equipped to make well-informed career decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

How Students React to the Pressure

Students often react to pressure about what they’re going to be doing after high school by hastily selecting a career path without putting a lot of thought into it. In an effort to satisfy those who are asking about their plans, they make a career selection based on something someone else has suggested to them or something that sounds interesting. As an alternative, they say they haven’t figured out what they want to do yet and throw out a couple of ideas they’re considering.

Figuring it Out

A common practice among high school students is to go to college and get their general education requirements out of the way while they’re figuring out what they want to choose for their major. However, while they’re completing those general courses they do little, if any, career exploration. At some point they have to choose a major and when they get to that point, they’re typically no more well prepared to do so than they were when they started taking their general courses. Yet somehow, they think an idea for the right career will just come to them.

How Students Should be Making a Career Decision

Career CounselingOne of the best things that students can do to make sure that they choose an appropriate career direction is to explore a variety of careers that will suit their personality. That means delving into the details of what they would be doing all day and deciding if that’s something they can get excited about. After all, if this is something that they’re going to be doing for the next 30 to 50 years, it ought to be something they find stimulating. Working with a career coach can definitely help students get a comprehensive look at a variety of potential careers.

Another Helpful Career Factor to Consider

One of the most helpful things that students should do in the process of selecting a career is to determine how much money they need or want to make. Not all careers are created equal with regard to pay, so it is necessary to have a financial figure in mind before going through the exploration process. Therefore, making sure that the career choice will provide the desired income can be a very beneficial aspect of career planning.

How Students Can Be Confident in their Career Choices

having confidence in career choicesStudents who actually go through the career exploration process and have detailed knowledge about a variety of careers will be able to make a career choice with confidence. When they have something they can get excited about, the decision will be easy.